Working Visa (KITAS) – Who is it for and what are the benefits?

The Working KITAS is intended for foreigners that are employed to work in Indonesia for more than a few months. It is the most comprehensive working permit you can get and allows the user to actively earn income, open bank accounts, pay taxes, get a mobile phone etc.

To obtain a working permit you need to work for a company that is registered within Indonesia. This entity can be either a Foreign Owned Company (PMA), a Representative Office or an Indonesian Owned Company.

The length of your working visa can vary between 6 & 12 months depending on your job title; the validity being approved by Indonesia’s Ministry of Manpower. In general, Directors, Commissioners & Senior Managers can obtain a 12-month extendable permit, whereas advisors can only get a 6-month, non-extendable visa.

  1. Submitting an online request for notification of approval for the use of TKA to the Director General by accessing the Ministry of Manpower’s Online TKA page.
  2. Fill in the code and location of the representative of the republic of Indonesia, the identity of the TKA, and the position of the TKA.
  3. Uploading required documents, namely TKA documents:
    1. Education diploma
    2. Certificate of competence or work experience
    3. Color photo passport size 4 × 6
    4. Proof of insurance policy
    5. Employment agreement
    6. Certificate of appointment of Associate Workers
    7. Passport nationality of TKA (color)
    8. Current account / savings of TKA or Employer of TKA Giver

Document Work of TKA:

  1. Application letter to the Director General or Director for submission of notification
  2. Application letter to the Director General of Immigration for submission of Vitas
  3. Statement letter as guarantor of TKA
  4. Identity number of the employer of TKA (identity card / passport / residence permit)
  5. Approval letter

Verification of all data completeness and validity by the Director:

The Director will notify you if there are incomplete documents. Employers must complete all required documents online within 1 working day. The director can reject the request for notification, if the qualification of the foreign worker candidate does not match the position that the foreign worker candidate will take.

If all data is complete, the Director General will issue a notification of a valid IMTA online to the TKA Employer within 2 working days which contains:

  1. TKA Employer Identity
  2. TKA identity
  3. TKA work location
  4. The period of validity of the notification is in accordance with the work agreement with the TKA
  5. Payment code.