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KITAP Extension

KITAP Extension

Permanent Stay Permit can be extended for an unlimited period of time and implemented based on application.

General Requirements

  • Valid Passport;
  • SKTT (Residence certificate)
  • Integration statement that has been signed by the person concerned
  • Recommendation letter from related government agencies and/or institutions.
  • Previous Permanent Stay Permit documents

Special Requirements

A former child with dual citizenship of the Republic of Indonesia who chooses to become a foreign citizen and resides in the Indonesian Territory
  • Application letter from the father or mother who is an Indonesian citizen;
  • Fill in the voting statement submission form
  • Foreign citizenship in accordance with the provisions of the legislation;
  • Proof of passport return for those who have; and
  • Proof of return of Immigration facilities.
Children born in Indonesia to foreigners holding permanent residence permits
  • Letter of sponsorship from the sponsor;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Marriage certificate or parents’ marriage book;
  • Permanent Stay Permit of parents who are legal and still valid;
  • Father’s and/or mother’s Nationality Passport which is legal and still valid;
  • Birth certificate issued by the Immigration Office.
Former Indonesian citizens who have lost Indonesian citizenship in the Indonesian Territory and live in the Indonesian Territory
  • Letter of sponsorship from the sponsor;
  • Evidence showing that he was once an Indonesian citizen, in the form of a birth certificate, diploma, Indonesian Citizen identity card, or Travel Documents of the Republic of Indonesia;
  • Certificate of residence of the foreigner concerned.

Price for KITAP Extension

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