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Family KITAS

Family KITAS

What is Family KITAS ?​

Family KITAS (or Spouse Visa) can be obtained by people who are officially married to an Indonesian citizen or to a foreigner who has Working KITAS or Investor KITAS.


  • To reunite the family (spouse/children) to stay in Indonesia with multiple entries

The purpose of this permit is only for a limited stay, not for work.

Who can get Family KITAS ?

  • Foreigner who officially married to an Indonesian
  • Those who already have a working KITAS can apply for a Family KITAS to their family ( spouse and children) to join them in Indonesia
  • Children born from a legal marriage with an Indonesian citizen

Duration of Stay

If you are married to an Indonesian citizen this KITYAS allows you to stay for 1 year and it can be extended up to 4 times (1 yearfor each extension) . In this case applicants can apply for KITAP after 3 years of holding a KITAS. This applies also for your kids born with your Indonesian spouse.

Instead if you hold a valid work permit you can apply for your family (can all be foreigners) using your company as a sponsor and allow them to stay as long as your permit is valid. Once you extend your work permit, also the Visa of your family can be extended.

Benefits of Family KITAS

  • Ability to apply for permanent residence KITAP after 2 years of marriage (for those who are officially married to an Indonesian citizen)
  • Multiple entry permit during KITAS validity
  • Allowed to open a bank account
  • The ability to lease land
  • Opportunity to get a driver’s license and buy a car or motorcycle
  • Discount for a medical assistance


Documents from Applicant:

  1. Scanned copy of the first page of the passport with a validity period of at least 18 months
  2. Marriage certificate in English or Bahasa Indonesia
  3. Birth certificate for children in English (in case you apply for a visa for your kids)
  4. Photo 3×4 (soft copy with red background)
  5.  Address (Noted: if the address is not the same  with ID card WNI, we also need domicile letter from both)
  6. Photo of your current visa (for the onshore process)
  7. Vaccination certificate (for the offshore process)

Documents from the Indonesian Sponsor WNI (for spouse visa):

  1. Certificate of birth (Akta Lahir)
  2. Family Card (Kartu Keluarga -KK)
  3. Copy of Tax Registry ID (NPWP)
  4. Copy of the bank statement (3 months – minimum 5mln)
  5. Marriage certificate in Indonesian
  6. Copy ID Indonesia
  7. SKTT/Domicile Letter (if not Balinese copy ID)
  8. CNI Letter from Embassy

Documents from the sponsor holder of Work/Investor Kitas:

  1. Document from the Company
    – Blank Letter with the company stamp
    – Color scanned copy of Article Association (Akta Notary)
    – Color scanned copy of Trading License (Izin Usaha) or Standard Certificate
    – Color scanned copy of Domicile Company (Izin Lokasi) or KKPR/PKKPR
    – Color scanned copy of Company Registry Letter (NIB)
    – Color scanned copy of Company Tax Registry (NPWP)
    – Color scanned copy of Legal Letter of Ministry of Law (SK Menteri)
    – Color scanned copy of Director/Commissioner ID or Staff ID (should be Balinese)
  2. Kitas as PDF file
  3. Scanned copy of the first page of the passport

Price for Family KITAS

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